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Made a video

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Thanks for sharing! Feedback was really useful, I've pushed a quick patch with some quality of life updates and bug fixes

  • You can now just press "Enter" to wait rather than having to type "wait"
  • Fixed the character duplication bug
  • Added "scarp" as a valid input

Happy the video could be of use and thanks for adding the quality of life stuff so it can help anybody else who can't spell scrap right 

I encountered a bug in the web version in Linux Firefox. I haven't tried the downloadables to see if it's in those as well.

When you type a command e.g. "Get wood" with the capital G (as in the available commands list) it will accept the command input, but it won't actually execute the command.


Thanks for letting me know - should be patched now!


I starved :(

RIP :(


I enjoyed this. Very impressive for five hours. One possible bug, below. If I assign someone to Repair then after that they don't have a Wait option. You have to send them out.


Great catch - thanks! Should be patched now :)

Thank you as always :)


This is impressive for 3 hours of work. Kudos!

Thank you! To be clear though I did end up going over the time limit - in total I spent around 5 hours on the final game - really appreciate the kind words though :)