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The song is very cool, especially Mountain A song. We use that music for our game for join the game jam competition. and you know, we win on that competition :D.

thank you for your awesome music
this my game btw, if you want to play our game

Escape Plan 2000

Thank you! The game is great, really gets tricky in the later stages - the parking attendant is so fast!

ahahahaha, maybe we need some balancing, before we release full version of this game


Super dope! Using the Dark Cavern Theme for now for the main menu of a free game I am building :) Really nice work!

Thanks! Please feel free to send a link when the game releases, I'd love to check it out :)


I have used this music for many small projects in my videogame degree, your music is great!! This is our last game:

Thanks for sharing, love to see how people use the music! The game was great, tons of personality, and I always love a good top down shooter :)


Hi! Great stuff! I use your title Switch With Me in my game made for the b3agz Jam 2024. Here is the game: Ballon and Spikes by Stupid Robot (

Thanks for sharing! Love to see the tracks get used :)

It's a great little game too! Didn't manage to beat it (the level with the long, jagged path was too tough for me in the end), but the wind mechanic is a lot of fun to play with and makes for a really enjoyable challenge :)

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I released my game Geometry Caravan 2024 just yesterday and I used your song, Critical, is the main theme. I credited you in the description but I couldn't in the game itself.

Thanks for the putting the songs in the public domain. I really appreciate it.

Link to my game:


Really nice music! and you're waiving the credit/liscence too! thats more than kind of you, I hope you get donated well for the amount of quality you have provided,

Are you explicitly wanting no credit? There is a song in the pack I think would suit my game and thinking of remixing it to suit, I would love to put credit and link to this page if so.

thank you for publishing!

Thank you very much :)

You're more than welcome to credit me - always appreciate it! Feel free to drop a link to the game here too once it's live, I'd love to check it out


This music is awesome! Thank you for publishing it!

Thank you! Glad you like it :)


Hey! I used "TYPE:CAST" and "Phone Home" in my first game, Space Jerks. They were perfect for what I was going for. I put a credit in the game, and linked to your profile from the game's page.

Thanks for sharing and providing credit! This is great, absolutely love the artstyle and the foley sfx are very charming :)


Thank you for the compliments, I'm glad you enjoyed it! :D


Hey! I used your track "Critical Theme" from this bundle in a recent game jam submission.

Added credit on the game page if that's ok:

Thank you for the incredible tune!

Out of curiosity, would you happen to have a loopable version of that track available for purchase or download?


Thanks so much for sharing! The game is great, some lovely one bit pixel art, and a really solid gameplay loop that ties in really well with the narrative. Just about managed to get to the end and surrender to the DreadHand with just a couple of hearts left, difficulty felt perfect. Loved little details like the level decreasing as you give up your power :)

There's loopable versions of all of the tracks in the main download labelled "all tracks", but if you've got data restrictions on downloads I'd be happy to temporarily upload the loopable version if that would help?


No idea how I missed that folder with the loopable tracks.  Perfect!

Glad you enjoyed the game too! Really appreciate the kind words.

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I will be sure to credit you and these are amazing

Thank you very much :) if you end up using them please feel free to send me a link to your project, would love to check it out! 



Thank you, you are my hero.


Very good bro, it's rare to find people like you who let you use free music without any problem

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Thanks! Happy to share :) 


Hello, awesome author! I used one of your soundtracks in my game and here the link Maybe you'll find it funny <3

Hi! Thanks so much for sharing, love to see the music being used

The game is a lot of fun :) love the bird's jump/eat animation, I can relate to that kind of love for food!


Спасибо за саундтреки. Если я сделаю свою игру, то я укажу тебя в титрах

Thanks! Hope the game goes well for you :) 


rad rad rad

Thanks so much :)


This is nice. I didn't know you made all the songs yourself. They sound like they are made by someone who knows about music theory. I might use them in a new game if I ever make one ^^


Thanks! I'd be delighted if they were used in other games, please share a link if you do :) 


I practiced making 3D game following GDQuest's "Squash the Creeps" tutorial. I used one of your song for the game, and it really improves the game!


Delighted to see (hear?) it being used!


I loved the songs! Would you be able to upload the separate files? So you don't have to download the whole pack for 1 or 2 songs

Really happy you liked them! I've uploaded all of the separate standalone files, if you need any of the loopable tracks let me know and I'll add the ones you need :)


Thanks man! Sorry disturb you