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Great game, really creepy monster! 


You got me with vig-nettes lol

Shame you didn't manage to give the demon a hug and it wasn't the Narnia you remembered, but thoroughly enjoyed the video all the same :)


Yeah one day I'll be able to hug the demon... one day.


Game starts at 14:53. Really enjoyed this game reminded me a young p.t.


Cheers for playing! Really enjoyed your playthrough, particularly "room to your door" and "hold on hold on! Taking measurements" - great to watch


thanks for watching and the game you made, cant wait to see what you release next.


Well done! It was creepy and strange, and it worked well. I wish there was less screen filtering going on because it made it difficult to see what's going on, but it didn't affect it too badly. Keep up the good work!

Thanks for playing - "Get out of my house you weirdo!"

Great playthrough, loved hearing your theories as they developed, and the feedback throughout was really helpful. 

The filter can be removed via the options menu, which I should make clear in the description - I'll update now. Would be a good idea to have the option to choose the aspect ratio like you mentioned, might add this for future titles!


Big fan of this game, i loved the subtle changes to the environment and the lights flickering. It all felt so good, the timing of the scares were fantastic as well.

I made a playthrough on your game if you're interested :)

Really enjoyed this playthrough - "That's my bear! Give it back!"

Thanks for playing and posting :)

collision bug

Thanks for letting me know - are you trapped between the tv and speaker stand in that screenshot?

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nope, you can just go through, also next to front door wooden thing

Thanks! Both should be fixed as of Version 1.1.2, appreciate you taking the time to pass it on :)


Short and straight to the point! I wish I had more ♥

Spanish gameplay over here ↓

Thanks for playing! I'll adjust the range of the brightness slider and the default brightness to help with visibility


Oh, thank you!! That would help ♥


Enjoyed this Short horror game. Any chance you go to UniBound XD

"Crossing out the middle child - we were always a mistake"

Really enjoyed your playthrough! More people being crossed out would have been a great touch, might patch that in at some point :)


Thanks for watching it! Appreciate it :)


Not sure if you fixed this yet but in the last scene where the monster comes out of the closet, you can enter it and get stuck.

Thanks for pointing this out, hadn't spotted this but should be a simple fix :) will aim to have a patch out Sunday/Monday


nice game, the atmosphere really make me scared hahaha, i hope u can make more horror game like this

Thanks, glad you enjoyed it!


i enjoyed this short low polygon game. i looking forward to checking out your other games. hope we get more horror content. 

They took my playstation y'all!

Really enjoyed this playthrough, thanks for posting :)


thank you . they should never take playstation.


Hey there! Just thought I'd let you know that my girlfriend gave your game a try. She enjoyed it!

It goes back in the closet or it gets the hose again!

Love the theory with the backstory :)


Interesting games loved the horror moments, it’s nice to see such a unique horror villain in the game. Feels like the game is about someone who is returning home from uni, though when she originally left, left her ailing mother behind.

It sort of feels like you were lured to your room by the mother.

Really cool game and you created a fun game for a small experience. I particularly enjoyed the end visual of the enemy being silhouetted at the top of the stairs, gave me heavy house invasion horror movie vibes.

Thanks for playing!

Video was great fun, loved your comments on my painting hanging skills and the "cheerleader" drawing

Your theories are great! Absolutely delighted the narrative came through :)

The dark atmosphere really made this creepy!

Let's go to Narnia!

Loved the video, thanks for playing :)