Descend Version 1.2.0 Devlog - Valentine's Day Update

Difficulty and QOL adjustments to game for Valentine's Day - many thanks to all the players who've provided suggestions over the past couple of weeks through the Finally Finish Something Jam comments. There were clearly a few areas causing issues for multiple people, so with this in mind I've made the following adjustments:

  • Adjusted attack pattern and timing intervals for Triangle Man to reduce encounter difficulty
  • Increased melee damage for Ash by a factor of 3 - he can now one shot the rusher enemy, making rushing easier.
  • Added space bar binding for reload, giving players option to use R key or space bar according to personal preference
  • TV Girl is now canonically dating Triangle Man


Descend.exe 129 MB
Version 1.2.0 Feb 14, 2022 97 MB
Version 1.2.0 Feb 14, 2022
Descend.x86_64 130 MB
Version 1.2.0 Feb 14, 2022

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Excellent Update!! The dashing has also been updated right? I enjoy using it to evade enemies a lot more than the one before. Dashing around while waiting for the enemies to kill themselves before finishing off the remaining was a delight. I noticed the triangle man change, found out that if you stand at the right spot he can never hit you haha.

I found two bugs: 

Sometimes when after you reloaded, the reload reminder still won't go away. 

One time when Ro was killed by a rusher, she can still move.

This is super nit-picking but the lanterns around the chest are not y-sorted, so I can see my character's feet overlapping it XD

Did you use tilemap to make the room? I tried to see how it's done, but some tiles are just smaller than another so I'm not sure.


Thanks so much! I haven't intentionally updated the dash mechanic, although there's every chance I've broken something elsewhere that's changed it (for context: this was my first ever coding project which I decided to dust off and finish for Finally Finish Something - the codebase is absolutely horrible, and changing anything breaks a mountain of completely unrelated things), but if it's working better I'm certainly not complaining! 

The Y-sorting for the whole project is a bit all over the place, for future top-down projects I think I need to revise how I position sprites with regards to their origin as this seems to be the issue. I'll definitely be looking into this for the next one - it bothers me to no end too!

Rooms are made with a tilemap, with smaller tiles placed together to form larger ones - the tiles themselves are 16x16 pixels. 

Thanks for all of your feedback through the jam and now, it's been incredibly helpful :)

It's a fun game that I like to play again whenever there's something new to check out :)

I see. Does this mean that you have to carefully place each 16x16 tile one at a time to create a bigger one for every room or is there a trick to automate this process?


All the tiles are placed individually, with multiple tile maps used for the purposes of ysorting - in hindsight it definitely wasn't my best plan! The process was very labour intensive, I'd definitely look into a way to automate in future