Descend Version 1.3.0 Devlog - New Content!

This update adds a couple of new rooms, a new enemy type and a new boss monster to the game, and was released for the Improve My Game Jam. I’d been looking for an excuse to take a break from my main project, and this seemed like it’d be a fun distraction!


This little creature came to Earth on a meteorite, and soon found its way to the Mansion. Its three grotesque tentacles fire bolts to rend the explorers’ flesh from their bones.

The Lurking Guy seemed like it’d make a fun addition to the enemy roster, with a fixed directional attack pattern providing a little diversity compared to the more aggressive enemies that occupy many of the other rooms. I added two rooms for them - the first, containing two pillars, should force the player to slow down and consider timing their attacks to remain safe. The second adds a touch of bullet hell influence with four Detonators causing all sorts of chaos and plenty of opportunity for chain reactions.


This monstrosity has it out for you! An adversary whose sole aim in life is to take you down by any means necessary, he’ll prove to be a worthy rival on any given playthrough. Be careful of his jumping attack - if it connects, he’ll make you see stars!

You’ll have to play the game to see who this is.

While TV Girl forced the player to carefully dodge projectiles and dodge on the spot, the new boss is intended to keep the player moving constantly. Careful use of the dash move is essential to keep your distance from attacks.


The new cover is not at all in keeping with the tone of the game, but I had fun making it.


I appreciate that everyone’s time is precious, and that players who have already played the game on its original release may want to skip directly to the new content rather than waiting for the new rooms to appear naturally within a randomly generated level. Entering a certain famous cheat code on the main menu screen will force the next level to be populated exclusively with the new rooms.


Descend.exe 129 MB
Version 1.3.0 Mar 31, 2022 97 MB
Version 1.3.0 Mar 31, 2022
Descend.x86_64 130 MB
Version 1.3.0 Mar 31, 2022

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Tried the new update. The new boss is really cool. I could not find the lurking guy though, and not sure how to use the cheat code on a keyboard hehe


Glad you liked it! The code is just the arrow keys and the two letters in the right order, entered at the main menu once the start menu appears - no start/select required :)