In the far future, humans have harnessed the power of pure, undiluted evil to fuel technology beyond your wildest dreams.

Naturally, this hasn't ended well.

Try to maximise profits by maintaining the life of the Malice Reactor as long as possible and earning income before the inevitable catastrophic failure. Saving a few people here or there would be a nice bonus too!

Controls are explained via the ingame tutorial. Mouse or touchscreen compatible.


Made in Godot // Art made in GIMP // Music and SFX made in Renoise

The soundtrack for this game is freely available for use in your own projects and can be found here

Audio samples from various sources at Freesound

CRT shader from the wonderful  Peter Höglund of Godot Shaders


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My only regret was not being able to find more orphans to sacrifice...


I like the way you think


Renoise 4ever

Renoise is the one :)


Thats a neat retro style game. Really like the theme and the design. Not sure if Ihave understand the mechanics quite right.

Thanks for playing! Let me know if there's anything I can do to help explain the mechanics


Wow retro style is what i reaalllyy love!! Cool design!

Thank you :)